• Wash exterior&buff to dry
  • Add tire shine&polish rims
  • Apply spray wax&buff to shine
  • Vacuum&light clean interior, clean windows inside&out

$49-$79 (45-60min)


  • Wash exterior&buff to dry
  • Claybar exterior/prep paint for wax
  • Add tire shine&polish rims
  • Apply Carnauba wax&buff with high speed buffer machine
  • Clean&dust interior, vacuum&clean floor mats, clean windows inside&out

$99-$149 (1.5-3hr)


  • Wash exterior&buff to dry
  • Claybar exterior/prep paint for paint correction 
  • Add tire shine&polish rims
  • Clean&detail engine block&parts, clean under hood, add wiper fluid
  • Apply 1-2 levels of compound&polish with high speed buffer machine
  • Apply Carnauba wax&buff to shine
  • Deep clean&dust interior, vacuum&shampoo carpets,clean seats&add conditioner, spot clean headliner, clean windows inside&out

$249-$399 (5+hr)


*2 car minimum*

  • Wash exterior only&buff to dry
  • Clean outside windows
  • Clean rims&add tire shine

$19-$29 (20-30min)
Interior Only 

  • Vacuum, steam clean, shampoo, pet hair and/or sand removal
  • Clean&dust dash, headliner&other interior surfaces
  • Wipe down seats&add conditioner

$89-$199 (2-3hr)

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Please call or text 561-370-4000 for an appointment.

Available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm & Saturday 9am-3pm.